Flo Dedame

To my teachers......

I am forever grateful for the teachings of Orit Sen Gupta, founder of Vijñana yoga, who compiled the “Vijñana practice manual” and whose inspiration to feel beyond and to practice from within, has fueled my own teachings with a new depth.

Gioia Irwin's boundless creativity and detailed knowledge of the body has sparked my own curiosity to explore the layers of our being with more sensitivity and compassion. Her embodiment of grace and lightness elevates yoga to an art form.

To Cathy Valentine, fellow teacher and friend, for the joy of practicing side by side.

Florence Dedame was certified by Orit Sen Gupta in Jerusalem in 2008. She holds an inter-national certification in the Vijñana tradition, following a three year course study (800 hours) and is still studying on a regular basis. She is registered with Vijñana Yoga International.

Born in Algeria, I lived in Norway, Belgium, England, Australia, South Africa, and France. Growing up the only constant I knew was change.

I learned to watch, observe, with eyes from within, different cultures, languages, religions. I felt drawn to the richness of the landscapes the world had to offer, yet intrigued by the complexity of human behaviour. At times I felt I belonged no where, at times I felt I belonged everywhere.

I now live on Gabriola Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. I am blessed with raising my joyful twins, Alex & Lea, and I have taken my worldly travels to a journey to the center of the heart.

I took my first steps in the Vijñana tradition in 1999 and I haven't looked back. My practice is the place where nothing is missing.

I have moments of brilliance, moments of doubts, but no matter what comes up the potential for transformation, integration and growth is phenomenal. No matter where I go or how far I travel I am always home, the ground beneath me is the sky I practice on and this certainty is enough to last me a lifetime.

May my heart be wide open, may my eyes reflect truth, may my presence be held in my breath, may my words convey elegance and purpose in every moment, in every action, in every silence.

Namaste, Flo

What Students Have To Say

Flo's destiny as a yogi shines through and all around her. I have been amazed to witness her lightning growth and gathering stillness as a Vijñana Teacher. She has an unusual gift - its immediacy and authenticity benefit any one who steps close and opens to her teaching. Her path of liberation and light is direct as an arrow and natural as love.—Kay Louise Vincent, Gabriola, BC, Canada

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