Relaxing the body • Quieting the mind • Intent

~ Relax the body. Wherever there is gripping or tension - relax.

The mind is looking at the body with a parental eye. In this quiet observation the body will by itself, unfold and unwind, gradually allowing air and space to come back into the tense areas.

~The eyes look inward to catch the inner mood, the state of mind.

We observe our moods from an inner silence. Letting go of its activities, it sinks into a deeper state and becomes empty.

~The mind directs itself to the practice; the body awaits the practice; the heart embraces the practice...

Each inhalation is an intensification of intent,with each exhalation comes the sharpening of its direction... With each breath, with each pose we reaffirm our intent.

Rooting • Connecting • Breathing • Elongating

~The mind rests at the place where the body touches the earth.

As the roots of a tree deepen and widen into the earth, so the branches above expand into the sky.

~Like a chain floating in space, the rings that make up the chain never touch each other.

The more each part is distinct, the more the connection between them remains steady - The body in any situation moves in oneness.

~Inhale - go deep within: exhale - connect to the world. Inhale - accept what is; exhale - give yourself to the earth.

~When elongating and widening occur, not one ring touches another as the chain called body moves in space.