Why do I practice Vijñana yoga and, more important, why do I practice with Florence Dedame? The answer is that I practice to forget. I practice to forget the barriers of life in a body; I practice to forget the limitations imposed by a mind; I practice to forget the expectations of existence in the world; and I practice to forget the encroachments of time. When I forget, I am free. Florence Dedame is an instructor of consummate skill, integrity and ability. She has dedicated her life to a finite understanding of the science of movement, and to being eternally open to the possible in all her students. Flo’s teaching has led and accompanied me to a state of strength, flexibility and balance in my body that have, in turn, assisted me to rest comfortably in my emotional and spiritual being. Her belief and encouragement, accompanied by her love of life, have directed me to a yoga practice that I never before thought possible. My study of Vijñana yoga began with Flo many years ago, when I was just 60 years of age. How old am I now? . . . . I forget! Thanks, Flo! I am free.—Verna Gregson, Kona, Hawaii retreat

I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Flo Dedame on my Vijñana yoga practice on and off since 2007. Flo is a wonderful, caring teacher and practitioner. She and her little following on Gabriola have welcomed my partner and I with such graciousness; the group with which Flo practices now includes several friends of ours' - it feels like an extended family that now includes us. We make it a point to try to attend Flo's workshops whenever we are able to: it is always well worth the expense of a float-plane and ferry ride from Vancouver!—Kendal Bushe, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Flo's Vijñana yoga has become a discipline of love for me over the past 2+ years. It's what I do for myself and at nearly 50 years old the fringe benefits are fabulous – weight loss, sculpted muscles, no more arthritis, healthy & happier feet and hands, an opportunity to S L O W down and an appreciation for time with myself.—Kathryn Molloy, Gabriola, BC, Canada

As a long time student of Flo and as one having witnessed and believed in her transformation from student to teacher, I can only say that my respect for her dedication to her own practice and her uncanny ability to communicate and help others with their practice has steadily grown. Flo walks her talk and embodies the principles of Vijñana Yoga. If love is offering full attention and aware presence and I think it is, then my journey with the guidance of Flo has been a loving experience that continues to inspire me. Despite being a baby boomer, age has not been a barrier to continued progress in mind and body. I am grateful that Flo as my teacher and the Yijñana practice in general, addresses the ageless, timeless energy body within.—Anne Marie Manke, Gabriola, BC, Canada

Flo is a truly exceptional person and yoga teacher. Her teachings come right from her heart when she shares her deep knowledge and experience of all aspects of a full yoga practice with her students. I am very grateful to Flo for her supportive, caring guidance along the path of Vijñana Yoga.—Andrea Frisque, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Flo has introduced me to a deeper sense of self through her skillful teachings of pranayama, asanas and thoughtful dialogue on the essence of Vijñana yoga. I am grateful for her progressive approach to teaching and for inspiring me to grow and develop my practice outside the comforts of the cozy yurt.—Sonja Zupanec, Gabriola, BC, Canada

As a teacher, Flo's patience, intuition and exploration of the practice makes for an informative, unique and challenging experience both in class and during one on one sessions.—Richard Towers, Gabriola, BC, Canada