Vijñana yoga is an inclusive practice in being present. During practice we meet ourselves... our body and its sensations, our mind and its thoughts, our heart and its emotions. From sitting to kriyas, from pranayama to asana, we are both the performer and the watcher. The clearer we see ourselves during practice over long periods of time, the more able we become to change behavioral patterns and transform them.

Dao De Jing quote

As we allow ourselves to pause and listen from within, a sense of clear seeing, with respect and compassion for what it is we see, surfaces. It is the practice of not immediately filling up spaces just because there is a gap. The intuitive can then guide us towards the underlying states of being, where essence becomes more real than expression.

Vijñana Yoga offers alignment for the physical body, recreating its natural connective tissue support through the exploration of the miofascia lines. Respecting the anatomical integrity of the body, it establishes the core support for a safe Asana practice.

Through the ancient practice of the vayus we connect the breath to the organic spaces of the body revealing the core of the pranic sheath. The practice becomes then the expression of a fluid mind, a mind that does not have a fence around it, but has a boundless curiosity to explore.

As we sit, breathe and move as one we come closer to our truth.

Devotion and quiet persistency in our commitment to practice allows for clarity to surface and for joy to become one with the luminous dance of the Universe.