May we explore with willingness, effort, gratitude and humility so that we may gain insight about the various levels of attention within ourselves. Gradually the desire of the mind for that relationship will become an organic need.

This immersion program is open to all yogis (2 year minimum experience) wishing to deepen and further their studies and understanding of yoga and who are willing to dedicate these nine months to a life of devoted practice & self inquiry. Your life will slowly be infused by yoga, shaped by yoga, known by yoga.

"The intimate one-to-one relationship of the student with his teacher and their commitment to each other was the foundation of the practice and the community of yogis and sannyasins. To preserve this core of freedom and inquiry that allows yoga to be freshly discovered for each person in each generation is our objective."

Therefore teacher & student will meet one on one to discuss the content of the curriculum, the format of the gatherings and the requirements for the duration of the program.

Please contact Flo for a meeting

Year 1 & 2, Oct. 2016 to Aug. 2016
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Upon completion of the 3 year program, homework papers and final evaluation by Orit Sen Gupta, the student will be granted an 800 hour Vijñana Yoga international certification.